Scheduling Tasks

Stay in control of your production remotely. Whether you're off-site, you can adjust production plans, prioritize orders, and let Permut automatically reallocate resources as needed.

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Workflow tasks

Never miss a deadline. Meet all your ongoing orders and plan ahead for high demand selling times.

Track stock & materials

Keep your product and material stocks in order. Never run out of material or product stock by maintaining minimum thresholds for each item.

Material availability

Your manufacturing team will always know what materials are available to use and which ones need replenishment.

Manufacturing costs

Have real data of your margin for every production. Keep your recurrent costs, materials and extra expenditures in order.


Keep every aspect of crafting a product in the same spot. Have control over the materials involved and the costs of manufacturing before committing production.

E-commerce integrations

Get your order sales imported to Permut and have the corresponding tasks generated in the manufacturing board.

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