Excellence from Procurement to Production

Ensure seamless communication across Procurement, Production, Sales and Finance.

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Enhance your procurement process with strategic planning and foresight. Communicate with suppliers effortlessly using our integrated chat and real-time comments. Generate purchase orders and manage quotations easily with our file storage solution. Get dynamic reports with alerts and anomaly detection to stay informed.

Inventory Management

Keep your inventory up-to-date with our Live BoM feature and efficient warehouse management. Track your inventory from end to end and gain insights to optimize your operations. Manage materials and costs seamlessly with our comprehensive tools.


Streamline your manufacturing with scheduling tasks and real-time status updates. Use intelligent workflows to automate processes and reduce downtime. Stay on top of your production with smart task management and instant updates.

Integrations & Automations

Connect and automate your business with our powerful integrations. Utilize cloud accounting and financial insights for better financial management. Import and export data easily, and leverage artificial intelligence to enhance decision-making. Connect all your favorite apps to create an efficient workflow.

Why Permut?

Work more intelligently, adapt swiftly, and achieve exceptional performance with Permut.

Permut unifies all your data into a cohesive system of record, establishing a comprehensive and shared understanding of the key metrics that matter.
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