Dynamic reporting

Stay ahead of changes and irregularities with dynamic reporting that provides real-time alerts and actionable recommendations. Maintain control over your decisions by relying on informed and well-considered insights.

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Demand sensing

Gain insights into future trends and strategically plan your production to meet upcoming sales demands, ensuring optimal resource allocation and seamless operations.

Recommended planning

Let Permut recommend the selling price of your products to achieve your margin goals, ensuring profitability and financial objectives are met.

Top performer products

Maintain visibility of your top-performing products, marking them for easy access and gaining insights into sales, margins, and other key metrics.

Smart replenishment

Anticipate material needs with Permut's proactive alerts for low stock levels. Plan purchases in advance to prevent stockouts and ensure seamless operations.

Lead time procurement

Utilize Permut to calculate the lead time for each material, starting from the purchase order request to delivery at your main warehouse. Plan future purchases strategically based on this data for optimized inventory management.

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