End-to-end tracking for optimal organizational efficiency

Gain comprehensive insights into every step of your product lifecycle and orders with just a few clicks. Ensure batch traceability, manage material availability, replenish stock efficiently, control BoM, and oversee end-to-end processes for optimized operations.

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Ensure traceability of materials used in each production batch to manage and address issues effectively. Maintain oversight across all batches and orders to proactively prevent or resolve issues.

Material availability

Your manufacturing team will always know what materials are available to use and which ones need replenishment.

Replenish stock

Efficiently manage your stock to avoid material shortages during production. Utilize Permut's proactive alerts to know the low-stock items and proactively purchase them to prevent delays.


Keep every aspect of crafting a product in the same spot. Have control over the materials involved and the costs of manufacturing before committing production.


Maintain full visibility into production progress with a detailed timeline of activities and milestones. Ensure comprehensive oversight of the end-to-end process at all times.

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