Foresight & Strategic Planning

Gain insights into future trends with Demand Sensing and strategically plan production to meet upcoming sales demands, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring operational seamlessness.

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Demand sensing

Gain insights into future trends and strategically plan your production to meet upcoming sales demands, ensuring optimal resource allocation and seamless operations.

Recommended planning

Let Permut recommend the selling price of your products to achieve your margin goals, ensuring profitability and financial objectives are met.

Inventory control

Maintain visibility over your current stock levels and proactively replenish inventory to prevent shortages.

Smart replenishment

Anticipate material needs with Permut's proactive alerts for low stock levels. Plan purchases in advance to prevent stockouts and ensure seamless operations.

Smooth workflow

Ensure stable manufacturing operations by implementing smart flow planning before high-demand sales periods, preventing disruptions in your production chain.

Pricing Insights

When handling quotations, have insights into the market rates for your most frequently purchased materials and the average prices offered by specific suppliers to make informed decisions.

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