PO Generation and file storage

Stay ahead of demand by generating purchase orders seamlessly, aligning with precise material requirements and optimized reorder points to ensure continuous order fulfillment.

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Purchase Order status

Efficiently monitor the status and progress of every purchase order, making adjustments as needed and comparing them to others for optimal management.

Keep documentation

Centralize all your files and documentation sent to suppliers in one organized location for quick and easy access.

Replenish stock

Effectively manage your stock to prevent material shortages during production. Use Permut's proactive alerts to stay informed about low-stock items and purchase them promptly to avoid delays.

One page view

Easily oversee your purchase orders, track supplier statuses, monitor lead times between orders, and make edits —all from a single screen.

Material availability

Keep your manufacturing team informed about available materials and those requiring replenishment at all times.

Progress of purchase

Track the progress of your purchase orders with each supplier through a timeline view, capturing every change along the way.

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